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ūüíô In honor of Women’s History month, we sat down with our favorite founder to learn more about her story, the source of her inspiration and what it means to be a women in cannabis.
What is it like to be a female founder in cannabis? 
I am constantly inspired by all of the amazing women who are trailblazing in the cannabis space and beyond. It is a pivotal time for women to be stepping up and into the role of leadership.
I feel immensely grateful and proud to be in this space where women uplift women and I’m excited to see what the years ahead bring as we continue to pave the way.¬†
What is your personal relationship with cannabis?
Back in 2010, I had ACL surgery and was given heavy opioids for pain management. After 2 days of being on these opioids, I almost fainted in the shower because I hadn’t eaten. The opioids had completely suppressed my appetite and made me feel lethargic and somewhat lifeless.
I knew there had to be a better way, so I switched my protocol to cannabis and threw away the pills. It was then that I discovered the true healing powers of the plant Рit helped with pain, with sleep, with appetite and so much more. Ever since, I have turned to cannabis to help regulate pain during my cycles, to help aid in sleep, to help boost my libido, to help manage stress and anxiety, and as a replacement to alcohol. I find that I drink less and use cannabis more both recreationally and medicinally.  
Why were you inspired to start HC?
Back in 2018, I was living in San Francisco. This was right around the time that cannabis became legal in California. I remember walking into the dispensary down the street from my apartment and noticed right away the amount of sugar laden products on the shelves. Everything was candy and laden with refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors and even harmful ingredients like titanium dioxide.
I knew there had to be a better way to consume cannabis. The cannabis plant itself is anti-inflammatory and here so many of the products had all of these inflammatory ingredients- it seemed so counter-intuitive. I wanted an edible that didn’t exist, something I could feel really good about consuming – from the cannabis itself to the ingredients we sourced.¬†
What does “chef-crafted” mean to you?¬†
As a chef, I am passionate about cooking for optimal health and well-being, not only for myself but for all of my clients. This is the approach we take at Happy Chance where we put people, product, and planet first.
Of course, it is important for our products to be full of flavor and delicious, but it’s about not cutting corners and having a thoughtful approach to sourcing each ingredient with intention and integrity. If it’s an ingredient we can’t recognize or pronounce, then it isn’t something we don’t want to use in our products.¬†¬†
What’s next for Happy Chance?
I am really excited about everything we are building with Happy Chance. For our 2nd production run, we added some of the minor cannabinoids to aid in overall effect for our customers. While rosin is full spectrum and has many of the minor cannabinoids already present, by adding some we can gear each flavor to a certain type of effect.
We added CBN to our blueberry cinnamon fruit bites which will help customers with sleep, we added CBG/CBD to our strawberry turmeric for those looking for  a little less of head high and want to experience a relaxing full body experience. We added THCv to our mango lime fruit bites that will help induce an overall energizing feeling. We are expanding our product line in the months to come, and we are excited to keep expanding our reach up and down the coast and beyond. 
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