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Cannabis can be confusing, it’s riddled with terminology and buzzwords that can be misleading. Our aim is to demystify the messaging and equip you with the knowledge to make conscious choices about what you consume. Let’s start by unpacking our own products.


🌱 Microdosing is the practice of taking small amounts of THC over a long period of time and is a great way to find a dosage that is right for you. This practice also allows consumers to experience the effects but in a mild controlled way. Microdosing is an excellent entry point for beginner cannabis users and also a wonderful practice used by more experienced consumers.

🤏 A microdose is typically anything between 1mg to 5mg of THC, depending on the consumer. For reference, a “standard” dose of edibles can range from 5mg to 10mg THC, depending on the type of cannabis product and your level of tolerance.


✅ Happy Chance products are handcrafted and geared towards all levels of cannabis users, but with an emphasis on approachable doses for newbies. We want you to be in control, to enjoy the effects of cannabis without ever feeling uncomfortably high.

😌 We portioned each bite to be a low dose of 2.5mg THC. We encourage our consumers to start with one (or a half) and build from there. Our bites are fast-acting with a ~30 min onset and offer a consistent and lightly lifted experience. Our Happy Chance motto is “start low and go slow.

✨It is important to note that everybody is different and everyone’s tolerance can vary, the above is a general guide. We are also not medical professionals.

Class dismissed 🏫!

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