A healthy alternative to the modern day gummy.

Meet Happy Chance, a low dose fruit bite made with whole foods, natural sugars, and clean cannabis.

Chef-Crafted. Purpose-Built. Quality-Driven.

Our fruit bites are thoughtfully crafted with responsibly sourced ingredients. We utilize the whole fruit capturing all of the flavors and nutrients. No added ‘natural flavors’ and nothing from concentrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

dedicated to supporting people, product, and planet

upcycled & organic, nothing from concentrate & no 'natural flavors'

natural sugars from medjool dates deliver nutritional power

a.k.a. 'clean cannabis' processed without harmful chemicals

purposefully sourced ingredients & recycled packaging

We are Happy Chance


Hi! We are Happy Chance - a collective of long-time cannabis consumers, outdoor wanderers, health enthusiasts. We are a women-founded, women-led brand on a mission to bring you our chef-crafted fruit bites that are better-for-you and better-for-the-planet.

About Us