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Who We Are

Hi! We are Happy Chance - a collective of long-time cannabis consumers, outdoor wanderers, health enthusiasts, adventurers, dreamers and lovers. We are dedicated to the integrity of our product- a powerhouse edible that is not only functional and complete but elevates your experience as a whole because of the ingredients we choose and the whole cannabis we source. We have set out to make something that is not only fun & delicious but allows you to enjoy the party tonight and the adventure tomorrow.

Our Story

Happy Chance was founded by Katherine Knowlton. She’s a talented chef on a mission to make healthy, sustainable, and approachable cannabis products. During her own personal search for an edible that wouldn’t inflame her chronic digestive/gut issues, Katherine realized that the vast majority of the options on the market were candy—chocolates or gummies loaded with preservatives, synthetic sugars, dyes, and mass-produced cannabinoids. Inspired by this discovery, she headed straight to the kitchen and tested dozens of recipes using organic whole fruits, vegetables, and nuts; organic dates as a sweetener; and a pure small batch solventless rosin. And voilà! It was with her heart, soul, and innovation that our Happy Chance fruit bites were born! And now as Happy Chance grows and expands our offerings, such as our capsule line, we continue to dedicate ourselves to clean cannabis and ingredients that are good for you and the planet. 

Happy Chance stems from the real Happy Chance Farm in the mountains of North Carolina. A place that invokes pure joy and happiness. The name was given to the farm by our founder’s grandfather, Big Dad. The first thing you see when you pull onto Happy Chance Farm is a small black wooden bear hugging a tree, welcoming you to Happy Chance. It was Big Dad’s love and passion for cooking that led our founder on this journey. Happy Chance and the bear mark are an homage to Big Dad and a place that still exudes wonder and light.

Our Sustainability Promise

From our purposefully sourced ingredients to our recyclable packaging, we strive to leave a positive impact on the environment. We are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality organic and upcycled ingredients from transparent supply chains -an essential recipe in sustaining a healthy, eco-friendly planet. Intention and integrity are always at the forefront of our products. We want to show the world how cannabis can promote positive lifestyle changes that support living more actively and consciously.

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