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Defining "Healthy"

We created a healthy, low-dose alternative to the modern-day gummy. But why? Here is our story, excerpted from an article from SB Independent:

Happy Chance was born when our founder, Katherine Knowlton, was in search of a cannabis edible for herself. During her search she realized..

Katherine Knowlton

“Everything was gummy and everything else was chocolate. They were just candy.”

She was well aware that many people just bought marijuana products to get high, but Knowlton knew many others using it as part of their wellbeing regime, tapping into cannabis to help with relaxation and sleeping (like her) or for the plant’s anti-inflammatory properties.

“All of these gummies are putting sugar or corn syrup, which are inflammatory, together with cannabis,” she said. “It’s a counterintuitive thing.”

Knowlton decided to start experimenting with her own edible recipes at home. Using a food processor and dehydrator, she tested more than 125 combinations of high-quality fruits, spices, nuts, root vegetables and Medjool dates to develop a final series of fruit bite recipes.

And thus, Happy Chance was born!


Organic fruits and veggies 
Upcycled ingredients ️ 

Natural sugars (like dates)
Nutrients and superfoods

NO refined sugars
NO preservatives ever 
NOTHING from concentrate



At Happy Chance, we are dedicated to the integrity of our product, a powerhouse edible that is not only functional but also elevates your experience as a whole. We wanted to make something that allows you to enjoy the party tonight & the adventure tomorrow ✨

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