Frequently Asked Questions

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Natural - Solventless rosin, also known as live rosin, is processed using pressure and heat instead of using solvents, meaning without the use of chemicals (examples of solvents commonly used in cannabis extraction is butane and ethanol). At Happy Chance, we want to avoid the use of chemicals to give you a clean extraction and taste. 

Purity - We take the purity of our cannabis seriously, for the health of our clients and for consideration of our environment. We go as far as to use cannabis that has never been dried or cured, our cannabis is flash frozen right after harvesting, so the flavor and scent profiles of the resulting rosin are as fresh as possible. Live rosin is the purest form of cannabis concentrate on the market.

Medicinal - The medicinal quality of live rosin is higher then other cannabis concentrates due to our natural method of production.

Artisanal - Live rosin is handcrafted in small batches by passionate artisans. It is not mass-produced in a factory. At Happy Chance, we value quality over quantity. 

Think of it this way: if you had to choose between orange juice made from fruit fresh from the tree and juice made from dried powder, which would you pick? Fresh just tastes better.